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Cotton Zips
For Socks Rib
Stitching Nylon Thread
Shiffli Embroidery Needles
Flat Yarn Colored
Poly Thread Spun Yarn
Twill Tapes
Tilla for Shiffli Embroidery
Viscose Filament Yarn
Covered Elastic for Sock Rib
Garments Accessories
Poly Texturised Dyed
Flat Bright Colored Yarn
Supported Glitter Yarn for Embroidery Sock
Looms Article
Cotton Thread for Shiffli Embroidery
Garments Zips
Hosiery Socks Series 
Printing Cloth Series
Stitching Needles
Poly Texturised Intemingled Yarn for Weaving
Barre Rubber Series
Poly Proplyne Yarn
Embroidery Ferb for Laees
  Item Name Units
  NYLON 70/2=301 KGS
  NYLON 70/2=306 KGS
  NYLON 70/2=308 KGS
  NYLON 70/2=314 KGS
  NYLON 70/2=320 KGS
  NYLON 70/2=323 KGS
  NYLON 70/2=324 KGS
  NYLON 70/2=327 KGS
  NYLON 70/2=328 KGS
  NYLON 70/2=335 KGS
  NYLON 70/2=336 KGS
  NYLON 70/2=339 KGS
  NYLON 70/2=340 KGS
  NYLON 70/2=341 KGS
  NYLON 70/2=343 KGS
  NYLON 70/2=357 KGS
  NYLON 70/2=358 KGS
  NYLON 70/2=361 KGS
  NYLON 70/2=363 KGS
  NYLON 70/2=365 KGS
  NYLON 70/2=366 KGS
  NYLON 70/2=369 KGS
  NYLON 70/2=372 KGS
  NYLON 70/2=373 KGS
  NYLON 70/2=374 KGS
  NYLON 70/2=382 KGS
  NYLON 70/2=383 KGS
  NYLON 70/2=390 KGS
  NYLON 70/2=391 KGS
  NYLON 70/2=392 KGS
  NYLON 70/2=395 KGS
  NYLON 70/2=402 KGS
  NYLON 70/2=416 KGS
  NYLON 70/2=420 KGS
  NYLON 70/2=301AFC KGS
  NYLON 70/2=306AFC KGS
  NYLON 70/2=324AFC KGS
  NYLON 70/2=327AFC KGS
  NYLON 70/2=336AFC KGS
  NYLON 70/2=343AFC KGS
  NYLON 70/2=357AFC KGS

Note: We can also cover any type of filament yarn with Lycra / Spendex of required Denier/Decitex. We are also going to cover 70 S & D (Florescent) with different Dx of Spendex / Lycra. Pleaes feel free to call us for any query regarding the above mentioned items.

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